I Love Sand Art creating Memmories
Posted by MelanieH on May 10 2014 15:54:57

2016 - Outreach Party


Thank you to Alessia, Benjamin, Cara, Emily, Erika, Gabriella, Jessica, Natasha, Milan, Rephael and Xavier. These were our birthday girls and boys for Jan 2016 and beginning of Feb 2016! Because of their support we were able to host a free Sand Art Outreach Party for 31 children Itsoseng Creche on the 6th February 2016 in the Lion Park Informal Settlement. What a wonderful way to teach the children Age 2-6 colours, enhance their fine motor skills and be proud of making their own masterpieces!!


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Mandela Day 2015


Honouring Nelson Mandela on Mandela Day! Sand art party for Zandspruit township children and presenting them with beautifully decorated Party Packs! Thank you for Grade 5 Mrs Hutt class at Charterhouse for decorating the bags so beautifully and to the I Love Sand Art team for the goodies inside and sandart! 


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Charterhouse Private School Makes History!! Celebrating Heritage Day!


Students at Charterhouse Prepatory School in Honeydew made history on Heritage Day by making the first, ever released, custom made Sand Art Pictures of the South African Flag.


It was a wonderful opportunity to teach the children about the South African Flag, the colours and their meaning and then letting them make their cards to test their skills.


Should you require a custom-made card or have an idea for a Sand Art Picture please contact us on info@ilovesandart.co.za




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